Kasteel Gemert
Domain of fascination

Gemert Castle - ‘Kasteel Gemert’ in Dutch - is a magical place with an ancient history that dates back to 1391. Originally build commissioned by Grand Commander Reinier van Husen and inhabited by the crusaders of the ‘German Order’, the castle was the administrative and political center of the wider region for centuries. After 600 years, Gemert Castle regains its prominent position, where you can live exclusively with the privilege of high-end services.

In the main castle (the ‘Hoofdburcht’) you will find nine exclusive residences and in the outer bailey (the ‘Voorburcht’) there are eight castle-apartments waiting for a new lady or lord of the castle.

High-end services

Gemert Castle combines high-end services with exclusive utilities. Leading hotel facilities form the perfect entourage, which you as a resident can enjoy to the fullest. The best-trained professionals work together to use the age-old tradition of passion, knowledge, experience and top service for you.

Residences in
the main castle ‘Hoofdburcht’

Gemert Castle offers you domicile in an exclusive atmosphere of ancient history, intertwined with all the innovative facilities and modern-day novelties. The luxury residences are in the stately ‘Hoofdburcht’, built in Louis XIV style. Here you live in an unprecedented privilege of luxury, privacy and characteristic space, equipped with contemporary comfort with all the novelties that make your life more pleasant.

Castle apartments
in the ‘Voorburcht’

In the imposing ‘Voorburcht’ of the castle, surrounded by the beautiful castle park and the enchanting moat, there are 8 exclusive 3- or 4-room castle apartments and penthouses, one of which has a spacious outdoor area of 43 m2 that offers you a breathtaking all-around view over the surroundings. Living at Gemert Castle is an unprecedented experience, every day again.

From the Teutonic (German) Order
until now

Fight, pray and nurse. These were the main tasks of the illustrious Teutonic Order, founder and first lord of the Gemert Castle. A spiritual military order of crusaders - the Milites Christi or soldiers of Christ - who join the illustrious list of the legendary Templars and Maltese. Membership of the Teutonic Order is extremely exclusive, affording protection and favour from the Emperor and the Pope.

the ancient nature

Gemert Castle is home to many special residents. Unique plant and flower species show their beautiful colours and provide a welcoming ambiance for bees and butterflies. Above, old trees give the park-like setting a rustling canopy of leaves against the summer heat. In the winter sun, their bare branches create a whimsical interplay of lines. On a spring morning, the ancient moat is the domain of mother-duck, who calls together her fluffy offspring with a chatter. Accompanied by a cacophony of singing birds, who, just like you, find their home in this unique place.

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